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  • Get - definition of get by The Free Dictionary
    usage: The use of get rather than of forms of to be in the passive (He won't get accepted with those grades) is found today chiefly in informal speech and writing In American English gotten, although occasionally criticized, is an alternative standard past participle in most senses, esp “to receive” and “to acquire”: I have gotten (or got) a dozen replies so far have or has got
  • Show - definition of show by The Free Dictionary
    Synonyms: show, display, expose, parade, exhibit, flaunt These verbs mean to present something to view Show is the most general: "She hated to show her feelings" (John Galsworthy) Display often suggests an attempt to present something to best advantage: The dealer spread the rug out to display the pattern Expose usually involves uncovering something or bringing it out from concealment: The
  • Nu Skin: Erfahrungen mit Nuskin - Dein Verbrauchermagazin
    Name: Dennis von Frankenberg Datum: 28 09 2009 Was das Haarwuchsmittel angeht kann ich nichts sagen aber wenn Fragen sind zur den Ethnoprodukten kann ich durchaus weiterhelfen

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