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Unreserved \Unreserved\
See {reserved}.

Unreserved \Un`re*served"\, a.
Not reserved; not kept back; not withheld in part;
unrestrained. -- {Un`re*serv"ed*ly}, adv. --
{Un`re*serv"ed*ness}, n.
[1913 Webster]

adj 1: not reserved [ant: {reserved}]
2: not cautious or reticent; "unreserved behavior" [ant:

193 Moby Thesaurus words for "unreserved":
abandoned, absolute, accessible, admitting no exception,
all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-out, all-pervading,
approachable, artless, bluff, blunt, born, born yesterday, breezy,
broad, broad-based, brusque, candid, casual, categorical,
childlike, clean, clear, communicative, complete, comprehensive,
conclusive, confiding, congenital, consummate, conversable,
decided, decisive, deep-dyed, definite, definitive, degage,
demonstrative, determinate, direct, downright, dyed-in-the-wool,
effusive, egregious, entire, exhaustive, expansive, explicit,
express, extroverted, final, fixed, flat, flat-out, forthright,
frank, frankhearted, free, free-speaking, free-spoken,
free-tongued, genuine, global, go-go, gossipy, guileless,
heart-to-heart, immoderate, implicit, inappealable, incontinent,
indisputable, indulgent, informal, ingenu, ingenuous, innocent,
intemperate, intensive, irrepressible, lax, licentious, loose,
low-pressure, naive, newsy, nonrestrictive, omnibus, omnipresent,
open, openhearted, out of control, out of hand, out-and-out,
outgoing, outright, outspoken, peremptory, perfect, permissive,
pervasive, plain, plain-spoken, plumb, positive, pure, radical,
rampant, regular, reinless, relaxed, riotous, round,
self-revealing, self-revelatory, sheer, simple, simplehearted,
simpleminded, sincere, single-hearted, single-minded, sociable,
straight, straight-out, straightforward, sweeping, talkative,
thorough, thoroughgoing, through-and-through, total, transparent,
trustful, trusting, ubiquitous, unbridled, unchecked,
uncircumscribed, uncoerced, uncompelled, unconcealed,
unconditional, unconditioned, unconstrained, uncontrolled,
uncurbed, undisguised, undissembled, undoubting, unequivocal,
unforced, unfussy, ungoverned, unguarded, unhampered, unhesitating,
uninhibited, universal, unlimited, unmastered, unmeasured,
unmistakable, unmitigated, unmuzzled, unqualified, unquestioning,
unreined, unrepressed, unrestrained, unrestricted, unrestrictive,
unreticent, unruly, unsecretive, unshrinking, unsilent,
unsophisticated, unsubdued, unsuppressed, unsuspicious,
unvarnished, unwaivable, unwary, utter, veritable, wanton, whole,
wholesale, wild, without exception, without reserve

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