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unduly    : [ənd'uli]
Unduly \Un*du"ly\, adv.
In an undue manner.
[1913 Webster]

adv 1: to an undue degree; "she was unduly pessimistic about her

78 Moby Thesaurus words for "unduly":
abominably, agonizingly, awfully, baldly, balefully, bitterly,
blatantly, brashly, confoundedly, cruelly, damnably, deadly,
deathly, deucedly, disproportionately, distressingly, dolorously,
dreadfully, egregiously, excessively, excruciatingly, exorbitantly,
extortionately, extravagantly, extremely, flagrantly, frightfully,
gougingly, grievously, grossly, hellishly, horribly, immensely,
immoderately, improperly, inappropriately, inexcusably, infernally,
inordinately, intemperately, intolerably, irrationally, lamentably,
lavishly, miserably, nakedly, openly, outrageously, over, overfull,
overly, overmuch, overweeningly, painfully, piteously,
preposterously, profusely, sadly, shatteringly, shockingly,
something awful, something fierce, sorely, staggeringly, terribly,
too, too much, too-too, torturously, unashamedly, unbearably,
unconscionably, unjustifiably, unnecessarily, unpardonably,
unreasonably, usuriously, woefully

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