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theoretical    : [θ,iɚ'ɛtɪkəl]
Theoretic \The`o*ret"ic\, Theoretical \The`o*ret"ic*al\, a. [Gr.
?: cf. L. theoreticus, F. th['e]or['e]tique.]
Pertaining to theory; depending on, or confined to, theory or
speculation; speculative; terminating in theory or
speculation: not practical; as, theoretical learning;
theoretic sciences. -- {The`o*ret"ic*al*ly}, adv.
[1913 Webster]

adj 1: concerned primarily with theories or hypotheses rather
than practical considerations; "theoretical science"
[synonym: {theoretical}, {theoretic}] [ant: {empiric},
2: concerned with theories rather than their practical
applications; "theoretical physics" [ant: {applied}]

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