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teaser    : [t'izɚ]
Teaser \Teas"er\, n.
1. One who teases or vexes.
[1913 Webster]

2. (Zool.) A jager gull. [Prov. Eng.]
[1913 Webster]

3. (Elec.) A shunt winding on field magnets for maintaining
their magnetism when the main circuit is open.
[Webster 1913 Suppl.]

n 1: a worker who teases wool
2: someone given to teasing (as by mocking or stirring
curiosity) [synonym: {tease}, {teaser}, {annoyer}, {vexer}]
3: an advertisement that offers something free in order to
arouse customers' interest
4: a particularly baffling problem that is said to have a
correct solution; "he loved to solve chessmate puzzles";
"that's a real puzzler" [synonym: {puzzle}, {puzzler},
{mystifier}, {teaser}]
5: an attention-getting opening presented at the start of a
television show
6: a flat at each side of the stage to prevent the audience from
seeing into the wings [synonym: {tormenter}, {tormentor},
7: a device for teasing wool; "a teaser is used to disentangle
the fibers"

129 Moby Thesaurus words for "teaser":
Artful Dodger, Casanova, Circe, Don Juan, Gordian knot, Lorelei,
Machiavel, Machiavelli, Machiavellian, Parthenope, Siren, act drop,
actor, annoyer, asbestos, asbestos board, backdrop, badgerer,
bamboozler, batten, befuddler, beguiler, border, bully, charmer,
cloth, coquette, coulisse, counterfeiter, counterweight, crux,
curtain, curtain board, cyclorama, deceiver, decor, deluder,
dilemma, dissembler, dissimulator, dodger, double-dealer, drop,
drop curtain, duper, ecdysiast, enchanter, enchantress, enigma,
enticer, entrancer, faker, femme fatale, fire curtain, flat,
flipper, flirt, fooler, forger, gay deceiver, hanging, harasser,
harrier, heckler, hoaxer, hypnotizer, inveigler, jilt, jilter,
joker, jokester, kidder, knot, knotty point, leg-puller,
mesmerizer, misleader, nag, node, nodus, nonplus, nudnik, nudzh,
oxymoron, paradox, peeler, perplexity, persecutor, pest, pesterer,
plagiarist, plagiarizer, plaguer, playactor, pons asinorum, poser,
practical joker, puzzle, quandary, rag, ragger, role-player,
sadist, scene, scenery, screen, seducer, seductress, side scene,
siren, spoofer, stage screw, stripper, striptease, tab, tableau,
tease, tempter, temptress, torment, tormentor, transformation,
transformation scene, vamp, vampire, vexed question, wing, wingcut,

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