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taint    : [t'ent]
Taint \Taint\, v. t. [F. teint, p. p. of teindre to dye, tinge,
fr. L. tingere, tinctum. See {Tinge}, and cf. {Tint}.]
1. To imbue or impregnate with something extraneous,
especially with something odious, noxious, or poisonous;
hence, to corrupt; to infect; to poison; as, putrid
substance taint the air.
[1913 Webster]

2. Fig.: To stain; to sully; to tarnish.
[1913 Webster]

His unkindness may defeat my life,
But never taint my love. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

Syn: To contaminate; defile; pollute; corrupt; infect;
disease; vitiate; poison.
[1913 Webster]

Taint \Taint\, n. [Cf. F. atteinte a blow, bit, stroke. See
1. A thrust with a lance, which fails of its intended effect.
[1913 Webster]

This taint he followed with his sword drawn from a
silver sheath. --Chapman.
[1913 Webster]

2. An injury done to a lance in an encounter, without its
being broken; also, a breaking of a lance in an encounter
in a dishonorable or unscientific manner. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Taint \Taint\, v. i.
1. To be infected or corrupted; to be touched with something
[1913 Webster]

I can not taint with fear. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

2. To be affected with incipient putrefaction; as, meat soon
taints in warm weather.
[1913 Webster]

Taint \Taint\, n.
1. Tincture; hue; color; tinge. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

2. Infection; corruption; deprivation.
[1913 Webster]

He had inherited from his parents a scrofulous
taint, which it was beyond the power of medicine to
remove. --Macaulay.
[1913 Webster]

3. A blemish on reputation; stain; spot; disgrace.
[1913 Webster]

Taint \Taint\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Tainted}; p. pr. & vb. n.
To thrust ineffectually with a lance. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Taint \Taint\, v. t.
1. To injure, as a lance, without breaking it; also, to
break, as a lance, but usually in an unknightly or
unscientific manner. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Do not fear; I have
A staff to taint, and bravely. --Massinger.
[1913 Webster]

2. To hit or touch lightly, in tilting. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

They tainted each other on the helms and passed by.
--Ld. Berners.
[1913 Webster]

Taint \Taint\, v. t.
Aphetic form of {Attaint}.
[Webster 1913 Suppl.]

n 1: the state of being contaminated [synonym: {contamination},
v 1: place under suspicion or cast doubt upon; "sully someone's
reputation" [synonym: {defile}, {sully}, {corrupt}, {taint},
2: contaminate with a disease or microorganism [synonym: {infect},
{taint}] [ant: {disinfect}]

302 Moby Thesaurus words for "taint":
abuse, adulterate, aerial infection, afflict, aggrieve,
airborne infection, alloy, aroma, aspersion, attaint, attribute,
badge, badge of infamy, bar sinister, baton, bedaub, befoul,
benasty, bend sinister, besmear, besmirch, besmoke, bespatter,
bestain, bewitch, black eye, black mark, blacken, blemish, blight,
bloodstain, blot, blotch, blow upon, blur, brand, broad arrow, bug,
cachet, canker, carrier, cast, catch, censure, champain, character,
characteristic, cheapen, cloud, coarsen, communicability, condemn,
configuration, confound, contagion, contagiousness, contaminate,
contamination, corrupt, crack, crucify, cryptogenic infection,
curse, cut, dab, damage, darken, dash, daub, debase, debauch,
defame, defect, defection, deficiency, defile, deflower,
degenerate, degrade, denature, deprave, desecrate, despoil,
destroy, devalue, differentia, differential, direct infection,
dirty, disadvantage, disapprove, discolor, discredit, disease,
dishonor, disparage, disparagement, disserve, distinctive feature,
distort, distress, do a mischief, do evil, do ill, do wrong,
do wrong by, doom, drawback, droplet infection, dust infection,
earmark, envenom, epidemiology, expose, expose to infamy, eyesore,
failing, failure, fault, faute, feature, figure, flavor, flaw,
fleck, flick, flyspeck, foible, foul, frailty, get into trouble,
gibbet, gust, hallmark, hand infection, hang in effigy, harass,
harm, hex, hint, hole, hurt, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, impair,
imperfection, impress, impression, imputation, inadequacy, index,
indirect infection, individualism, infect, infection,
infectiousness, infirmity, infusion, injure, inkling, intimation,
jinx, keynote, kink, lineaments, little problem, macula,
maculation, macule, maltreat, mannerism, mark, mark of Cain,
marking, menace, mess, mess up, mistreat, misuse, mold, molest,
muddy, nasty, nature, odor, onus, outrage, particularity, patch,
peculiarity, persecute, pervert, phytogenic infection, pillory,
pillorying, play havoc with, play hob with, point champain, poison,
pollute, prejudice, primary infection, problem, property,
prostitute, pyogenic infection, quality, quirk, ravage, ravish,
reflection, reprimand, reproach, rift, ruin, sauce, savage, savor,
scar, scathe, scorch, seal, sear, seasoning, secondary infection,
shade, shape, shortcoming, singe, singularity, slubber, slur,
smack, smear, smirch, smoke, smouch, smudge, smut, smutch, snag,
soil, something missing, soupcon, spatter, specialty, speck,
speckle, spice, splash, splatter, splotch, spoil, spot, sprinkling,
stain, stamp, stigma, stigmatism, stigmatization, stigmatize,
subclinical infection, suggestion, sully, suspicion, tang, tar,
tarnish, taste, tempering, thought, threaten, tinct, tincture,
tinge, tint, token, torment, torture, touch, trace, trait, trick,
twist, ulcerate, vector, vestige, vilify, violate, virus, vitiate,
vulgarize, vulnerable place, warp, waterborne infection, weak link,
weak point, weakness, wound, wreak havoc on, wrong,
zoogenic infection

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