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sparkling    : [sp'ɑrklɪŋ] [sp'ɑrkəlɪŋ]
Sparkling \Spar"kling\, a.
Emitting sparks; glittering; flashing; brilliant; lively; as,
sparkling wine; sparkling eyes. -- {Spar"kling*ly}, adv. --
{Spar"kling*ness}, n.
[1913 Webster]

Syn: Brilliant; shining. See {Shining}.
[1913 Webster]

Sparkle \Spar"kle\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Sparkled}; p. pr. & vb.
n. {Sparkling}.] [See {Sparkle}, n., Spark of fire.]
1. To emit sparks; to throw off ignited or incandescent
particles; to shine as if throwing off sparks; to emit
flashes of light; to scintillate; to twinkle; as, the
blazing wood sparkles; the stars sparkle.
[1913 Webster]

A mantelet upon his shoulder hanging
Bretful of rubies red, as fire sparkling. --Chaucer.
[1913 Webster]

2. To manifest itself by, or as if by, emitting sparks; to
glisten; to flash.
[1913 Webster]

I see bright honor sparkle through your eyes.
[1913 Webster]

3. To emit little bubbles, as certain kinds of liquors; to
effervesce; as, sparkling wine.
[1913 Webster]

Syn: To shine; glisten; scintillate; radiate; coruscate;
glitter; twinkle.
[1913 Webster]

adj 1: shining with brilliant points of light like stars;
"sparkling snow"; "sparkling eyes"
2: used of wines and waters; charged naturally or artificially
with carbon dioxide; "sparkling wines"; "sparkling water"
[synonym: {sparkling}, {effervescent}] [ant: {noneffervescent},
n 1: a rapid change in brightness; a brief spark or flash [synonym:
{twinkle}, {scintillation}, {sparkling}]

150 Moby Thesaurus words for "sparkling":
Attic, beaming, beaten, beatific, beatified, biting, blebby,
blessed, blinking, blinky, blissful, blistered, blistering,
blistery, blithe, blithesome, blooming, bright, bright and sunny,
brilliant, bubbling, bubbly, burbling, burbly, capering,
carbonated, cheerful, cheery, chiffon, chirping, clever, coruscant,
coruscating, dancing, dazzling, devastating, divine, droll,
ebullient, effervescent, elated, eupeptic, euphoric, exalted,
exhilarated, facetious, fizzy, flushed, flushed with joy, funny,
gay, genial, glad, gladsome, glamorous, glimmering, glimmerous,
glimmery, glistening, glistering, glittering, glittery, glorious,
glowing, gorgeous, happy, heavenly, high, hopeful, humorous,
humorsome, in good spirits, in high spirits, irrepressible,
jesting, jocose, jocular, joking, joky, joshing, joyful, joyous,
keen, keen-witted, killing, laughing, leaping, lively, mordant,
nimble-witted, of good cheer, optimistic, peppy, piquant, pleasant,
poignant, pointed, puffed, pungent, purring, quick-witted, racy,
radiant, rapier-like, raving, ravishing, resplendent, riant, rosy,
salt, salty, sanguine, sanguineous, scintillant, scintillating,
scintillescent, sharp, shimmering, shimmery, shining, singing,
smart, smiling, smirking, souffle, souffleed, spangly, spirited,
splendid, splendorous, splendrous, sprightly, spumescent,
starry-eyed, stunning, sublime, sunny, thrice happy, tinselly,
twinkling, twinkly, vesicant, vesicated, vesicatory, vesicular,
vivacious, whimsical, whipped, winsome, witty

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