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seriously    : [s'ɪriəsli]
Serious \Se"ri*ous\, a. [L. serius: cf. F. s['e]rieux, LL.
1. Grave in manner or disposition; earnest; thoughtful;
solemn; not light, gay, or volatile.
[1913 Webster]

He is always serious, yet there is about his manner
a graceful ease. --Macaulay.
[1913 Webster]

2. Really intending what is said; being in earnest; not
jesting or deceiving. --Beaconsfield.
[1913 Webster]

3. Important; weighty; not trifling; grave.
[1913 Webster]

The holy Scriptures bring to our ears the most
serious things in the world. --Young.
[1913 Webster]

4. Hence, giving rise to apprehension; attended with danger;
as, a serious injury.
[1913 Webster]

Syn: Grave; solemn; earnest; sedate; important; weighty. See
[1913 Webster] -- {Se"ri*ous*ly}, adv. --
{Se"ri*ous*ness}, n.
[1913 Webster]

adv 1: in a serious manner; "talking earnestly with his son";
"she started studying snakes in earnest"; "a play dealing
seriously with the question of divorce" [synonym:
{seriously}, {earnestly}, {in earnest}]
2: to a severe or serious degree; "fingers so badly frozen they
had to be amputated"; "badly injured"; "a severely impaired
heart"; "is gravely ill"; "was seriously ill" [synonym: {badly},
{severely}, {gravely}, {seriously}]

103 Moby Thesaurus words for "seriously":
actively, actually, all joking aside, ardently, assuredly, badly,
bec et ongles, candidly, certainly, clearly, committedly,
critically, dangerously, decidedly, decisively, decorously,
demonstrably, demurely, deplorably, determinedly, devotedly,
devoutly, down, earnestly, fervently, fervidly, firmly, fixedly,
for a certainty, for real, formally, gravely, grimly,
hammer and tongs, heart and soul, heartily, heatedly, honestly,
impassionedly, in all conscience, in all seriousness, in earnest,
in good earnest, indeed, indubitably, inflexibly, intensely,
intently, like a bulldog, like a leech, manifestly, noticeably,
observably, obstinately, obviously, openly, passionately, patently,
perfervidly, perseveringly, persistently, positively, purposefully,
quite, really, relentlessly, resolutely, resolvedly, sedately,
sensibly, severely, sincerely, singlemindedly, sober-mindedly,
soberly, sobersidedly, solemnly, somberly, staidly, staunchly,
steadfastly, steadily, tenaciously, thoughtfully, tooth and nail,
truly, unambiguously, undeniably, unmistakably, unquestioningly,
unswervingly, unyieldingly, vehemently, verily, very, vigorously,
visibly, wholeheartedly, with a will, with constancy,
with total dedication, without doubt, zealously

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