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require    : [r,ikw'ɑɪɚ] [rikw'ɑɪr] [rɪkw'ɑɪɚ]
Require \Re*quire"\ (r?-kw?r"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Required}
(-kw?rd"); p. pr. & vb. n. {Requiring}.] [OE. requeren,
requiren, OF. requerre, F. requ?rir; L. pref. re- re-
quaerere to ask; cf. L. requirere. See {Query}, and cf.
{Request}, {Requisite}.]
1. To demand; to insist upon having; to claim as by right and
authority; to exact; as, to require the surrender of
[1913 Webster]

Shall I say to Caesar
What you require of him? --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

By nature did what was by law required. --Dryden.
[1913 Webster]

2. To demand or exact as indispensable; to need.
[1913 Webster]

Just gave what life required, and gave no more.
[1913 Webster]

The two last [biographies] require to be
particularly noticed. --J. A.
[1913 Webster]

3. To ask as a favor; to request.
[1913 Webster]

I was ashamed to require of the king a band of
soldiers and horsemen to help us against the enemy
in the way. --Ezra viii.
[1913 Webster]

Syn: To claim; exact; enjoin; prescribe; direct; order;
demand; need.
[1913 Webster]

v 1: require as useful, just, or proper; "It takes nerve to do
what she did"; "success usually requires hard work"; "This
job asks a lot of patience and skill"; "This position
demands a lot of personal sacrifice"; "This dinner calls
for a spectacular dessert"; "This intervention does not
postulate a patient's consent" [synonym: {necessitate}, {ask},
{postulate}, {need}, {require}, {take}, {involve}, {call
for}, {demand}] [ant: {eliminate}, {obviate}, {rid of}]
2: consider obligatory; request and expect; "We require our
secretary to be on time"; "Aren't we asking too much of these
children?"; "I expect my students to arrive in time for their
lessons" [synonym: {ask}, {require}, {expect}]
3: make someone do something [synonym: {command}, {require}]
4: have need of; "This piano wants the attention of a competent
tuner" [synonym: {want}, {need}, {require}]

90 Moby Thesaurus words for "require":
affect, appoint, ask, ask for, assess, assume, authorize,
be hurting for, be indicated, bind, blackmail, bring,
brook no denial, call, call for, challenge, charge, charge for,
claim, clamor for, coerce, command, commit, comprise, contain,
crave, cry for, cry out for, demand, desire, dictate, entail,
exact, extort, force, have occasion for, implicate, imply, impose,
indent, insist, instruct, involve, issue an ultimatum, lack,
lay down, lead to, leave no option, levy, make, make a demand,
make dutiable, make imperative, make incumbent, make obligatory,
miss, necessitate, need, obligate, oblige, order, order up,
place an order, pledge, postulate, prerequire, prescribe, presume,
presuppose, pro rata, prorate, put in requisition, requisition,
run short of, saddle with, screw, set, solicit, stick for, subsume,
take, take doing, take in, take no denial, tax, tie, tithe, want,
want doing, warn

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