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proximity    : [prɑks'ɪməti]
Proximity \Prox*im"i*ty\, n. [L. proximitas: cf. F. proximit['e]
See {Proximate}, and cf. {Propinquity}, {Approach}.]
The quality or state of being next in time, place, causation,
influence, etc.; immediate nearness, either in place, blood,
or alliance.
[1913 Webster]

If he plead proximity of blood
That empty title is with ease withstood. --Dryden.
[1913 Webster]

n 1: the property of being close together [synonym: {proximity},
2: the region close around a person or thing
3: a Gestalt principle of organization holding that (other
things being equal) objects or events that are near to one
another (in space or time) are perceived as belonging
together as a unit [synonym: {proximity}, {law of proximity}]

59 Moby Thesaurus words for "proximity":
accord, addition, adjacency, adjunct, affairs, affiliation,
affinity, alliance, approach, approximation, assemblage,
association, bond, closeness, combination, confines, connectedness,
connection, contiguity, contiguousness, contrariety, convergence,
dealings, deduction, disjunction, environs, filiation, foreground,
homology, immediacy, immediate foreground, intercourse, intimacy,
junction, juxtaposition, liaison, link, linkage, linking,
mutual attraction, nearness, neighborhood, nighness, precinct,
propinquity, purlieus, rapport, relatedness, relation, relations,
relationship, similarity, sympathy, tie, tie-in, togetherness,
union, vicinage, vicinity

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