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programming    : [pr'ogr,æmɪŋ]
n 1: setting an order and time for planned events [synonym:
{scheduling}, {programming}, {programing}]
2: creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to
do something [synonym: {programming}, {programing}, {computer
programming}, {computer programing}]

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    bot definition: 1 a computer program that works automatically, especially one that searches for and finds information on the internet: 2 informal a robot 3 a person's bottom: Learn more
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    2003 35 EC of the European Parliament and Council; (b) is a relevant project within the meaning of Sections 20A(9) and 55A(7) of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, and falls within Annex II of the said Directive but that having regard to the selection criteria contained in Annex III of the Directive it should not be made subject to an environmental impact assessment in accordance with the
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    e-Captioning also makes it possible to edit and convert previously closed captioned videos without losing the captions, and to re-use and re-purpose closed captions for all other video formats, such as the web, DVD and Blu-ray, and tapeless delivery for digital broadcast and Video-on-Demand
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    PHP was originally called PHP FI (Personal Home Page Forms Interpreter) in 1994 when it was originally designed and was renamed to PHP Tools in 1995 before it was renamed to just PHP (as a recursive acronym meaning PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) in 1997 with the release of version 3
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    Recent Examples on the Web: Noun One royal event Ferguson will be front-and-center at is her daughter Eugenie's upcoming wedding — Stephanie Nolasco, Fox News, "Meghan Markle, Prince Harry reportedly don't invite Sarah Ferguson to royal wedding event," 2 Oct 2018 In a Tribune report earlier this week, organizers suggested the group could follow a half-mile path down Clark Street to the U
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    You should use append to add to the list But also here are few code tips: I would use dict setdefault or defaultdict to avoid having to specify the empty list in the dictionary definition If you use prev to to filter out duplicated values you can simplfy the code using groupby from itertools Your code with the amendments looks as follows: import itertools def make_drug_dictionary(data
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    I think this is quite overkill for a dictionary semantics, since dictionary is by definition is a collection of keys and its respective values, just like the way we see a book of language dictionary that contains a word as the key and its descriptive meaning as the value
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    Source of the translation database The English German vocabulary used by this dictionary stems from three main sources: The German-English dictionary at TU-Chemnitz with the friendly permission of Frank Richter ; The translation vocabulary of Mr Honey's Business English Dictionary compiled by Winfried Honig ; The input of the dictionary users - the visitors of dict cc
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    5 Categorizing and Tagging Words Back in elementary school you learnt the difference between nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs These "word classes" are not just the idle invention of grammarians, but are useful categories for many language processing tasks

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