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pristine    : [pr'ɪstin]
Pristine \Pris"tine\, a. [L. pristinus, akin to prior: cf. F.
pristin. See {Prior}, a.]
Belonging to the earliest period or state; original;
primitive; primeval; as, the pristine state of innocence; the
pristine manners of a people; pristine vigor.
[1913 Webster]

adj 1: completely free from dirt or contamination; "pristine
mountain snow"
2: immaculately clean and unused; "handed her his pristine white

160 Moby Thesaurus words for "pristine":
aboriginal, ancestral, angelic, antepatriarchal, artless,
atavistic, autochthonous, basal, basic, blameless, bright, callow,
central, chaste, childlike, clear, crucial, dewy, dovelike,
earliest, elemental, elementary, embryonic, ever-new, evergreen,
extra, faultless, first, firsthand, fledgling, fresh, fundamental,
generative, genetic, germinal, green, guiltless, harmless,
held back, held in reserve, held out, humanoid, immaculate,
immature, in abeyance, in embryo, in hand, in ovo, in the clear,
in the raw, inartificial, incorrupt, initial, innocent, intact,
inviolate, lamblike, maiden, maidenly, mint, native, natural,
neoteric, nestling, new, not guilty, offenseless, original,
patriarchal, preadamite, preglacial, pregnant, prehistoric,
prehuman, prelapsarian, primal, primary, prime, primeval,
primitive, primogenial, primoprimitive, primordial, protogenic,
protohistoric, protohuman, pure, put aside, put by, radical, raw,
reproachless, reserve, rudimentary, sans reproche, saved,
scatheless, seminal, sempervirent, sinless, spare, spotless,
stored, suspended, to spare, unapplied, unbeaten, unbroken,
unbruised, unconsumed, uncorrupted, undamaged, undefaced,
undefiled, undeformed, undemolished, undestroyed, undeveloped,
unemployed, unexercised, unexpended, unfaded, unfallen, unfledged,
unhandled, unharmed, unhurt, unimpaired, uninjured, unlapsed,
unmaimed, unmangled, unmarked, unmarred, unpolluted, unscarred,
unscathed, unscratched, unshattered, unspent, unspoiled, unsullied,
untapped, untarnished, untorn, untouched, untouched by evil,
untried, untrodden, unused, unutilized, unwithered, unworn, vernal,
virgin, virginal, waived, with clean hands, without reproach,

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