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okay    : ['ok'e]
okay \okay\ adj.
Satifactory; agreeable; pleasant; as, things are okay; he's
an okay guy.

Syn: all right(predicate), all-right(prenominal), ok, o.k.
[WordNet 1.5 PJC]

okay \okay\ n.
An endorsement; approval; permission; as, they gave us the
okay to go ahead.

Syn: OK, okey, okeh.
[WordNet 1.5]

okay \okay\ v. t.
to approve; as, the boss okayed my proposal.

Syn: approve, ok, sanction.
[WordNet 1.5]

adv 1: in a satisfactory or adequate manner; "she'll do okay on
her own"; "held up all right under pressure"; (`alright'
is a nonstandard variant of `all right') [synonym: {okay},
{O.K.}, {all right}, {alright}]
adj 1: being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition; "an all-
right movie"; "the passengers were shaken up but are all
right"; "is everything all right?"; "everything's fine";
"things are okay"; "dinner and the movies had been fine";
"another minute I'd have been fine" [synonym: {all right},
{fine}, {o.k.}, {ok}, {okay}, {hunky-dory}]
n 1: an endorsement; "they gave us the O.K. to go ahead" [synonym:
{O.K.}, {OK}, {okay}, {okey}, {okeh}]
v 1: give sanction to; "I approve of his educational policies"
[synonym: {approve}, {O.K.}, {okay}, {sanction}] [ant:
{disapprove}, {reject}]

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