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notably    : [n'otəbli]
Notably \Not"a*bly\, adv.
In a notable manner.
[1913 Webster]

adv 1: especially; in particular; "notably in the social
sciences, the professors teach too much"

82 Moby Thesaurus words for "notably":
abundantly, acutely, amazingly, amply, arrantly, astonishingly,
awesomely, blatantly, boldly, celebratedly, clearly,
consequentially, conspicuously, copiously, curiously, distinctly,
eminently, emphatically, especially, evidently, exceptionally,
exquisitely, extraordinarily, exuberantly, famously, flagrantly,
generously, glaringly, gloriously, grandly, greatly, importantly,
impressively, incredibly, intensely, magically, magnanimously,
magnificently, manifestly, markedly, marvelously, materially,
meaningfully, momentously, nobly, notedly, noticeably, notoriously,
obtrusively, obviously, ostensibly, outstandingly, particularly,
peculiarly, pointedly, popularly, preeminently, profusely,
prominently, pronouncedly, remarkably, richly, saliently,
shockingly, signally, significantly, singularly, specifically,
splendidly, staringly, strangely, strikingly, stunningly,
superlatively, surpassingly, surprisingly, uncommonly, uniquely,
unusually, wonderfully, wondrous, worthily

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