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  • TEAM | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    team definition: 1 a number of people or animals who do something together as a group: 2 used in a number of phrases that refer to people working together as a group in order to achieve something: 3 used to refer to a group of people who support a particular person or a particular point of… Learn more
  • PER SE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors
  • Code of practice definition and meaning | Collins English . . .
    A code of practice is a set of written rules which explains how people working in a particular profession should behave
  • Fellow definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
    Fellow definition: You use fellow to describe people who are in the same situation as you, or people you | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
  • Rumor - Wikipedia
    A rumor (American English) or rumour (British English; see spelling differences) (origin word from latin is 'rumorem', or noise) is "a tall tale of explanations of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern " In the social sciences, a rumor involves some kind of a statement whose veracity is not quickly or ever confirmed
  • Research Databases | Howe Library
    This resource, created by the National Agricultural Library, provides comprehensive access to U S agricultural and life science information, including journal articles, books chapters, monographs, theses, patents, and technical reports
  • Oxford English Dictionary - Wikipedia
    The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is the principal historical dictionary of the English language, published by Oxford University Press It traces the historical development of the English language, providing a comprehensive resource to scholars and academic researchers, as well as describing usage in its many variations throughout the world
  • These Idioms and Phrases are compiled from Cambridge . . .
    Idioms and Phrases These idioms are compiled from the Cambridge International Dictionary The Cambridge International Dictionary explains over 7,000 idioms current in British, American and other English speaking countries, helping learners to understand them and use them with confidence

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