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  • PHP: PHP Manual - Manual
    PHP Manual Preface; Getting Started Introduction; A simple tutorial; Installation and Configuration General Installation Considerations; Installation on Unix systems; Command line usage — Using PHP from the command line; Garbage Collection; DTrace Dynamic Tracing; Function Reference Affecting PHP's Behaviour; Audio Formats Manipulation;
  • English
    English is one of the most versatile majors offered at Augusta University Our students learn to become discriminating readers, independent thinkers, and skillful writers
  • English - Austin Peay State University
    Our English majors acquire the ability to write well, whether creatively or analytically, and they have the capacity for creative expression and original insight The goal for our English majors is for them to have a better understanding of various sorts of literature, various cultures, various historical periods, and themselves
  • English | ETSU Online
    A mostly online degree program is a program that offers most course work in an online format with a limited number of required on-campus courses or meetings Because course availability and scheduling changes by semester, students are encouraged to check
  • English - Academic Advising Center - The University of Utah
    Program Description Students of English enter a world rich with intellectual possibilities As an English major at the University of Utah, you will study literature, creative writing, and literary discourse and theories
  • English : SLU
    English Students who study English at Saint Louis University explore British, American and World literary traditions You will hone your ability to make arguments and analyze complex problems, as well as learn to communicate in both print and digital formats
  • Allan Hancock College - English and Reading Support
    ESL Spotlight Jesus Sanchez ESL Student "The AHC credit ESL program made it possible for me to get a job! I came here not knowing any English and within two years, I learned English well enough to be placed into English 101 and become an ESL tutor and instructional assistant in the Writing Center
  • Daily Grammar Practice - Sample materials for English . . .
    English DGP English for Grades 1 - 12 We provide you with plenty of samples for you to review and determine that the DGP materials are perfect for you and your students! For each grade, we provide you a teacher's guide sample and a student workbook sample Have a look! Grades 1 - 12 Samples:

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