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install english dictionary definition & meaning lookup widget!

install english dictionary definition & meaning lookup widget!

  • Dictionary by Merriam-Webster: Americas most-trusted . . .
    The dictionary by Merriam-Webster is America's most trusted online dictionary for English word definitions, meanings, and pronunciation #wordsmatter
  • Merriam-Websters Spell It!
    Welcome to Spell It!, the Scripps National Spelling Bee study site for school spelling champions created in cooperation with Merriam-Webster Spell It! focuses on about 1150 words, divided into sections by language of origin
  • Foodie | Definition of Foodie by Merriam-Webster
    Foodie definition is — a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads How to use Foodie in a sentence Did You Know?
  • Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) | Twitter
    The latest Tweets from Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) Word of the Day, facts and observations on language, lookup trends, and wordplay from the editors at Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  • Adrian College
    Adrian College is a modern liberal arts college that has been recognized by the U S News World Report as the #1 Up-and-Coming College in the Midwest

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