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install english dictionary definition & meaning lookup widget!

  • Collins English Dictionary - Wikipedia
    The Collins English Dictionary is a printed and online dictionary of English It is published by HarperCollins in Glasgow The edition of the dictionary in 1979 with Patrick Hanks as editor and Lawrence Urdang as editorial director, was the first British dictionary to use the full power of computer databases and typesetting in its preparation This meant that, for instance, subject editors
  • Collins English Dictionary | Definitions, Translations and . . .
    Collins English Dictionary At the cutting edge of language change, Collins free online English dictionary offers you all the latest words and phrases you need at your fingertips
  • Collins Dictionary | Definition, Thesaurus and Translations
    Free Online Dictionary Ideal dictionaries for English or bilingual word reference, plus thesauruses for expanding your word power Collins has been publishing educational and informative books for almost 200 years and is a major publisher of Educational, Language and Geographic content
  • Meme | Define Meme at Dictionary. com
    a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition and replication in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes a cultural item in the form of an image, video, phrase, etc , that is spread via the Internet and often altered in a creative or humorous way
  • Violence | Define Violence at Dictionary. com
    an unjust or unwarranted exertion of force or power, as against rights or laws: to take over a government by violence
  • Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Translations
    Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Translations The main source of TheFreeDictionary's general English dictionary is Houghton Mifflin's premier dictionary, the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition This authoritative work is the largest of the American Heritage® dictionaries and contains over 200,000 boldface terms and more than 33,000 written examples
  • dubbing - English-Spanish Dictionary - WordReference. com
    dubbing - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions
  • take care - Wiktionary
    (intransitive) To be cautious, careful or prudent · (intransitive) To mind, or be in charge of something ··(when leaving) good-bye (literally, take care of yourself)

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