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  • Laughter in the Bible? Absolutely! - Biblical Archaeology . . .
    Lighten up! Laughter is an important, and often overlooked, literary element in the Bible Perhaps Vincent Van Gogh's Still Life with Bible could have used more pigments from his floral paintings?Photo: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Vincent van Gogh Foundation
  • Manic Expression - Express Yourself
    Manic Expression, the greatest community on the web
  • Sherd - Wikipedia
    In archaeology, a sherd, or more precisely, potsherd, is commonly a historic or prehistoric fragment of pottery, although the term is occasionally used to refer to fragments of stone and glass vessels, as well [citation needed]Occasionally, a piece of broken pottery may be referred to as a shard While the spelling shard is generally reserved for referring to fragments of glass vessels, the
  • Rare and Collectibles Rare and Collectibles | Strand Books
    Curious George Goes to the Hospital Margaret H A Rey $4,500 Custom-Bound First Edition, Inscribed Buy Now This is the first edition of the seventh (and final) entry in the original Curious George series, which finds the irrepressible ape on his way to the hospital after swallowing a puzzle piece
  • Metate - Wikipedia
    A metate or metlatl (or mealing stone) is a type or variety of quern, a ground stone tool used for processing grain and seeds In traditional Mesoamerican culture, metates were typically used by women who would grind lime-treated maize and other organic materials during food preparation (e g , making tortillas) Similar artifacts are found all over the world, including China
  • Cómo interpretar la parábola de la moneda perdida
    En el evangelio de Lucas, capítulo 15, Jesús relata una breve parábola de una mujer que pierde una moneda, la busca diligentemente y celebra cuando la encuentra
  • Scanning the Pharaohs: CT Imaging of the New Kingdom Royal . . .
    This is a valuable volume for my working library The book is filled with useful information, new techniques, current information about Egyptian mummies and the medical studies being done with the mummified remains
  • Vocabulary and Etymology (Word Root) Resources . . .
    "By words the mind is winged "-- Aristophanes, dramatist (c 448-385 BCE) "Language is the armory of the human mind; and at once contains the trophies of its past, and the weapons of its future conquests "

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