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knee    : [n'i]
Knee \Knee\ (n[=e]), v. t.
To supplicate by kneeling. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Fall down, and knee
The way into his mercy. --Shak
[1913 Webster]

Knee \Knee\ (n[=e]), n. [OE. kne, cneo, As. cne['o], cne['o]w;
akin to OS. knio, kneo, OFries. kn[imac], G. & D. knie, OHG.
chniu, chneo, Icel. kn[=e], Sw. kn[aum], Dan. kn[ae], Goth.
kniu, L. genu, Gr. go`ny, Skr. j[=a]nu, [root]231. Cf.
1. In man, the joint in the middle part of the leg.
[1913 Webster]

2. (Anat.)
(a) The joint, or region of the joint, between the thigh
and leg.
(b) In the horse and allied animals, the carpal joint,
corresponding to the wrist in man.
[1913 Webster]

3. (Mech. & Shipbuilding) A piece of timber or metal formed
with an angle somewhat in the shape of the human knee when
[1913 Webster]

4. A bending of the knee, as in respect or courtesy.
[1913 Webster]

Give them title, knee, and approbation. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

{Knee breeches}. See under {Breeches}.

{Knee holly}, {Knee holm} (Bot.), butcher's broom.

{Knee joint}. See in the Vocabulary.

{Knee timber}, timber with knees or angles in it.

{Knee tribute}, or {Knee worship}, tribute paid by kneeling;
worship by genuflection. [Obs.] "Knee tribute yet unpaid."
[1913 Webster]

n 1: hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and
fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella
[synonym: {knee}, {knee joint}, {human knee}, {articulatio
genus}, {genu}]
2: joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped; corresponds
to the human knee [synonym: {stifle}, {knee}]
3: the part of a trouser leg that provides the cloth covering
for the knee

99 Moby Thesaurus words for "knee":
L, angle, ankle, apex, articulation, bayonet legs, bend,
bifurcation, bight, boot, boundary, bowlegs, butt, calf, cant,
cervix, chevron, clinch, closure, cnemis, coin, connecting link,
connecting rod, connection, corner, coupling, crank, crook,
crotchet, deflection, dogleg, dovetail, drumstick, elbow, ell,
embrace, foreleg, fork, furcation, gamb, gambrel, gigot,
gliding joint, ham, hind leg, hinge, hinged joint, hip, hock, hook,
inflection, interface, jamb, join, joining, joint, juncture, kick,
knuckle, leg, limb, link, miter, mortise, neck, nook, pivot,
pivot joint, podite, point, popliteal space, punt, quoin, rabbet,
scarf, scissor-legs, seam, shank, shin, shoulder, stems, stitch,
stumps, suture, swerve, symphysis, tarsus, tie rod, toggle,
toggle joint, trotters, union, veer, vertex, weld, wrist, zag, zig,

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