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  • Sign - definition of sign by The Free Dictionary
    sign (sīn) n 1 Something that suggests the presence or existence of a fact, condition, or quality: A high temperature is a sign of fever 2 a An act or gesture used to
  • Take up - definition of take up by The Free Dictionary
    3 To begin again; resume: Let's take up where we left off To develop an interest in or enter into: take up mountain climbing; take up engineering To accept (an option, bet, or challenge) as offered
  • Crown | Definition of Crown by Merriam-Webster
    The winner of the beauty pageant walked down the runway wearing her sparkling crown the blessing of the Spanish crown She was appointed by the Crown
  • Equity legal definition of equity - Legal Dictionary
    3 a right in respect of property that does not amount to an equitable interest but that can be asserted against those who have notice of it In the hierarchy of interests in property in English law, at the top come legal estates or interests
  • Dictionary. coms List of Every Word of the Year . . .
    A list of every Word of the Year selection released by Dictionary com Dictionary com's first Word of the Year was chosen in 2010
  • Time complexity - Wikipedia
    In computer science, the time complexity is the computational complexity that measures or estimates the time taken for running an algorithm Time complexity is commonly estimated by counting the number of elementary operations performed by the algorithm, supposing that an elementary operation takes a fixed amount of time to perform

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