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folly    : [f'ɑli]
Folly \Fol"ly\, n.; pl. {Follies}. [OE. folie, foli, F. folie,
fr. fol, fou, foolish, mad. See {Fool}.]
1. The state of being foolish; want of good sense; levity,
weakness, or derangement of mind.
[1913 Webster]

2. A foolish act; an inconsiderate or thoughtless procedure;
weak or light-minded conduct; foolery.
[1913 Webster]

What folly 'tis to hazard life for ill. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

3. Scandalous crime; sin; specifically, as applied to a
woman, wantonness.
[1913 Webster]

[Achan] wrought folly in Israel. --Josh. vii.
[1913 Webster]

When lovely woman stoops to folly. --Goldsmith.
[1913 Webster]

4. The result of a foolish action or enterprise.
[1913 Webster]

It is called this man's or that man's "folly," and
name of the foolish builder is thus kept alive for
long after years. --Trench.
[1913 Webster]

n 1: the trait of acting stupidly or rashly [synonym: {folly},
{foolishness}, {unwiseness}] [ant: {wisdom}, {wiseness}]
2: a stupid mistake [synonym: {stupidity}, {betise}, {folly},
{foolishness}, {imbecility}]
3: the quality of being rash and foolish; "trying to drive
through a blizzard is the height of folly"; "adjusting to an
insane society is total foolishness" [synonym: {folly},
{foolishness}, {craziness}, {madness}]
4: foolish or senseless behavior [synonym: {folly}, {foolery},
{tomfoolery}, {craziness}, {lunacy}, {indulgence}]

73 Moby Thesaurus words for "folly":
absurdity, absurdness, act of folly, asininity, battiness, blunder,
brainlessness, buffoonery, clownishness, crackpottedness,
crankiness, craziness, daffiness, daftness, desipience, dottiness,
dumb trick, dumbness, eccentricity, error, fatuity, fatuousness,
faux pas, fluff, foolery, foolheadedness, foolishness, frivolity,
frivolousness, gaffe, giddiness, goof, goofiness, idiocy,
imbecility, imprudence, inanity, indiscretion, ineptitude,
insanity, irrationality, kookiness, lunacy, madness, mindlessness,
mistake, niaiserie, nonsense, nugacity, nuttiness, obtuseness,
preposterousness, queerness, rashness, sappiness, screwiness,
senselessness, silliness, sottise, stolidity, stolidness,
stupid thing, stupidity, thoughtlessness, triflingness, triviality,
unwise step, wackiness, weak-mindedness, weirdness, witlessness,
zaniness, zanyism

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