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erstwhile    : ['ɚstw,ɑɪl]
Erstwhile \Erst`while"\ (-hw[imac]l"), adv.
Till then or now; heretofore; formerly. [Archaic] Erubescence

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  • Before - definition of before by The Free Dictionary
    You use before or in front of when you are talking about the order in which things appear in speech or writing For example, if you are describing the spelling of the word 'friend', you can say that the letter 'i' comes before or in front of the letter 'e' If you are giving someone directions, and you say that one place is a certain distance before another place, you mean that they will come
  • Old - definition of old by The Free Dictionary
    Usage Note: Old, when applied to people, is a blunt term that usually suggests at least a degree of physical infirmity and age-related restrictions It should be used advisedly, especially in referring to people advanced in years but leading active lives · As a comparative form, older might logically seem to indicate greater age than old, but in most cases the opposite is true

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