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put a bold face on sth.
put a bold front on
put a border on
put a boycott on
put a bridle on
put a bug in one's ear
put a bug in sb's ear
put a check on
put a chill into sb
put a damp over
put a definition on
put a double on
put a flea in sb's ear
put a foot wrong
put a force on
put a freeze on
put a good face on sth.
put a head on sb.
put a high value on
put a jerk in it
put a name to
put a new face on
put a new face on sth,
put a new face on sth.
put a period to
put a period to sth.
put a pistol to sb's head
put a premium on
put a price on sb
put a price on sth
put a price on sth.
put a quart into a pint pot
put a question to sb.
put a shine on
put a slight on
Put a sock in it.
put a spoke in sb.'s wheel
put a spoke into sb's wheel
put a squeeze on
put a squeeze on sb.
put a stay on
put a stop to
put a stop to sth.
put a stopper on
put a tap on sb's telephone
put a value on
put a veto on
put a wrong construction on
put about
put across
put all irons in the fire
put all one's eggs in one basket
put all one's energies into
put all one's goods in the shop-window
put an ad in
put an affront upon
put an affront upon sb.
put an edge on
put an end to
put an obligation on sb
put apart
put aside
put at ease
put away
put away all prejudices
put back
put back the clock
put behind
put behind one
put by
put down
put down a riot
put down as
put down the roots
put down to
put false colors upon
put forth
put forth leaves
put forth one's best endeavors
put forward
put forward a theory
put grit in the machine
put heads together
put ideas in sb.'s head
put in
put in a claim for sth.
put in a good word for
put in a plug for
put in action
put in an appearance
put in bail for
put in best licks
put in for
put in force
put in one's oar
put in one's spoke
put in one's two cents
put in one's two cents worth
put in practice
put in remembrance

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