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make no difficulty
make no difficulty in
make no disguise of
make no doubt of
make no exception
make no exceptions
make no mistake
make no odds
make no question of
make no reference to
make no resistance
make no response to
make no scruple to do sth
make no secret of sth
make no stranger of
make nonsense of
make notes
make nothing of
make observations on
make of
make off
make off with
make one
make one sick
make one's abode
make one's adieu
make one's adieu to
make one's advantage of
make one's advent
make one's appeal to
make one's appearance
make one's best endeavors
make one's bow
make one's choice
make one's debut
make one's drawing
make one's entrance into
make one's entry into
make one's escape
make one's excuses to sb
make one's exit
make one's fame in
make one's fortune
make one's home
make one's mark
make one's mark in
make one's market
make one's mash
make one's name white again
make one's number
make one's obedience
make one's options
make one's own way
make one's party good
make one's peace with
make one's pitch
make one's point
make one's point understood
make one's presence felt
make one's residence
make one's rounds
make one's stomach rise
make one's vows
make one's way
make one's way in life
make one's way in the world
make one's way into
make oneself a nuisance
make oneself familiar with
make oneself heard
make oneself known
make oneself master of
make oneself scarce
make oneself understood
make oneself useful
make or break
make or meddle with
make out
make out a bill
make out a case for
make out of
make out one's case
make over
Make Path
make peace
make peace with
make peace with sb
make perfection more perfect
make place for
make play
make possible
make preparation against
make preparations against
make preparations for
make progress
make public
make quantum leaps
make ready
make recovery
make reference to

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