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make employ of
make ends meet
make enemies of
make every effort
make every effort to
make every endeavor
make exceptions
make experiment with
make extracts
make eyes at sb.
make fashion
make fast
make fat profits
make final
make flesh
make flourishes with
make for
make foul water
make free
make free of
make free with
make friend again
make friend with
make friends again
make friends with
make from
make front to
make fun of
make fun of sb.
make gains
make game of
make good
make good a deficiency
make good cheer
make good execution
make good one's retreat
make good the running
make good time
make great play with
make harbor
make harbour
make haste
make haste slowly
make havoc of
make hay of
make hay out of
make hay while the sun shines
make head against
make headway
make heavy weather of sth
make heavy weather of sth.
make history
make hole
make holiday
make honors to sb
make in
make inquiries about
make interest with sb.
make into
make it
make it a condition that
make it a religion to do sth
make it easy on
make it hot for sb
make it snappy
make it too hot for sb.
make it up
make it worth sb's while
make it worth sb.'s while
make judgment about
make land
make light of
make little account of
make little of
make marks on
make matchwood of
make meat of sb
make meat of sb.
make memoranda of
make mention of
make merit with
make merry
make merry at another's expense
make merry over
make mincemeat of
make mischief
make mistake
make mistakes
make money
make much account of
make much ado
make much ado about nothing
make much difference
make much noise about
make much of
make music
make neither head nor tail of sth.
make news
make no bones about
make no difference

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