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make after
make against
make agreeable to
Make Alias
make all the difference
make allowance
make allowance for
make allowances for
make amends for
make amends to sb. for sth.
make an abstract
make an address
make an advance to
make an adversary
make an agreement with
make an allegation that ...
make an alliance against
make an allusion to
make an ally of
make an alteration to
make an amendment
make an announcement
make an answer to
make an apology to sb for sth
make an appearance
make an application to sb for sth
make an appointment
make an appointment with
make an ass of oneself
make an assault on
make an attack on
make an attempt at
make an attempt on sb's life
make an effort to
make an end of
make an engagement with
make an entry of
make an epoch in
make an errand
make an error
make an estimate
make an evening of it
make an examination of
make an example
make an example of sb
make an example of sb.
make an exception of
make an exception to
make an excuse
make an exhibition of oneself
make an expedition to
make an impression
make an inference
make an investigation of
make an issue of sth.
make an oath
make an offer
make approaches to sb
make arduous efforts
make arrangement for
make arrangements
make arrangements with
make as if
make at
make atonement for
make attempt to
make away
make away with
make bed
make believe
make big
make bold to
make book
make both ends meet
make bricks without straw
make buckle and tongue meet
make capital of sth
make capital out of
make certain
make change
make cheeses
make choice of
make clear
make common cause with
make compliments to
make concerted effort
make concession to
make connections with
make contact with
make conversation
make counts
make danger of
make default
make difficulties
make dispositions
make do amd mend
make do with
make down
make ducks and drakes of
make ears burn

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