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documents    : [d'ɑkjəmənts] [d'ɑkjumənts]
DOCUMENTS, evidence. The deeds, agreements, title papers, letters, receipts,
and other written instruments used to prove a fact. Among the civilians, by
documents is also understood evidence delivered in the forms established by
law, of whatever nature such evidence may be, but applied principally to the
testimony of witnesses. Savig. Dr. Rom. Sec. 165.
2. Public documents are all such records, papers and acts, as are filed
in the public offices of the United States or of the several states; as, for
example, public statutes, public proclamations, resolutions of the
legislature, the journals of either branch of the legislature, diplomatic
correspondence communicated by the president to congress, and the like.
These are in general evidence of the facts they contain or recite. 1 Greenl.
Sec. 491.

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