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chemical    : [k'ɛməkəl] [k'ɛmɪkəl]
Chemical \Chem"ic*al\, n.
A substance used for producing a chemical effect; a reagent.
[1913 Webster]

Chemical \Chem"ic*al\, a.
Pertaining to chemistry; characterized or produced by the
forces and operations of chemistry; employed in the processes
of chemistry; as, chemical changes; chemical combinations.
[1913 Webster]

{Chemical attraction} or {Chemical affinity}. See under
[1913 Webster]

adj 1: relating to or used in chemistry; "chemical engineer";
"chemical balance" [synonym: {chemical}, {chemic}]
2: of or made from or using substances produced by or used in
reactions involving atomic or molecular changes; "chemical
n 1: material produced by or used in a reaction involving
changes in atoms or molecules [synonym: {chemical}, {chemical

152 Moby Thesaurus words for "chemical":
Chile saltpeter, absolute alcohol, acetate, acetone, acid, acidity,
agent, alcohol, aldehyde, alkali, alkalinity, alloisomer, amine,
ammonia, amyl alcohol, anhydride, anion, antacid, arsenate,
arsenite, atom, base, basic, basic anhydride, benzoate,
bicarbonate, bicarbonate of soda, bichloride of mercury,
biochemical, bisulfate, borate, borax, bromide, calcium carbonate,
calcium hydroxide, carbide, carbohydrate, carbon dioxide,
carbon monoxide, carbonate, cation, chemical element, chemicals,
chemicobiological, chemicoengineering, chemicomineralogical,
chemicophysical, chemurgic, chlorate, chlorite, chromate,
chromoisomer, citrate, compound, copolymer, copolymeric,
copolymerous, copperas, cyanide, dehydrated alcohol, dichromate,
dimer, dimeric, dimerous, dioxide, disulfide, electrochemical,
element, elemental, elementary, ester, ethanol, ether, ethyl,
ethyl alcohol, fluoride, formaldehyde, fulminate, halide, halogen,
heavy chemicals, heteromerous, high polymer, homopolymer, hydracid,
hydrate, hydride, hydrocarbon, hydroxide, hypochlorite,
inorganic chemical, inorganic chemistry, iodide, ion, isomer,
isomerous, isopropyl alcohol, ketone, lactate, macrochemical,
macromolecule, metamer, metameric, methane, methanol, methyl,
methyl alcohol, molecule, monomer, monomerous, monoxide,
neutralizer, niter, nitrate, nitride, nitrite, nonacid,
organic chemical, oxalate, oxide, oxyacid, permanganate, peroxide,
petrochemical, phosphate, phosphide, photochemical,
physicochemical, phytochemical, polymer, polymeric, potash,
potassium nitrate, pseudoisomer, radical, radiochemical, reagent,
sal ammoniac, salt, saltpeter, silicate, sodium bicarbonate,
sodium bromide, sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, sulfacid,
sulfate, sulfide, sulfite, tartrate, thermochemical, trimer

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