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carpenter    : [k'ɑrpəntɚ]
Carpenter \Car"pen*ter\, n. [OF. carpentier, F. charpentier, LL.
carpentarius, fr. L. carpentum wagon, carriage.]
An artificer who works in timber; a framer and builder of
houses, ships, etc.

Syn: {Carpenter}, {Joiner}.

Usage: The carpenter frames and puts together roofs,
partitions, floors, and other structural parts of a
building. The joiner supplies stairs, doors shutters,
mantelpieces, cupboards, and other parts necessary to
finishing the building. In America the two trades are
commonly united.
[1913 Webster]

{Carpenter ant} (Zool.), any species of ant which gnaws
galleries in the wood of trees and constructs its nests
therein. They usually select dead or somewhat decayed
wood. The common large American species is {Formica

{Carpenter bee} (Zool.), a large hymenopterous insect of the
genus {Xylocopa}; -- so called because it constructs its
nest by gnawing long galleries in sound timber. The common
American species is {Xylocopa Virginica}.
[1913 Webster]

n 1: a woodworker who makes or repairs wooden objects
v 1: work as a carpenter

an artificer in stone, iron, and copper, as well as in wood (2
Sam. 5:11; 1 Chr. 14:1; Mark 6:3). The tools used by carpenters
are mentioned in 1 Sam. 13:19, 20; Judg. 4:21; Isa. 10:15;
44:13. It was said of our Lord, "Is not this the carpenter's
son?" (Matt. 13:55); also, "Is not this the carpenter?" (Mark
6:3). Every Jew, even the rabbis, learned some handicraft: Paul
was a tentmaker. "In the cities the carpenters would be Greeks,
and skilled workmen; the carpenter of a provincial village could
only have held a very humble position, and secured a very
moderate competence."

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