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bloodshed    : [bl'ʌdʃ,ɛd]
Bloodshed \Blood"shed`\, n. [Blood shed]
The shedding or spilling of blood; slaughter; the act of
shedding human blood, or taking life, as in war, riot, or
[1913 Webster]

n 1: the shedding of blood resulting in murder; "he avenged the
bloodshed of his kinsmen" [synonym: {bloodshed}, {gore}]
2: indiscriminate slaughter; "a bloodbath took place when the
leaders of the plot surrendered"; "ten days after the
bloodletting Hitler gave the action its name"; "the valley is
no stranger to bloodshed and murder"; "a huge prison battue
was ordered" [synonym: {bloodbath}, {bloodletting}, {bloodshed},

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