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beryllium    : [bɚ'ɪliəm]
Glucinum \Glu*ci"num\, n. [Cf. F. glucinium, glycium, fr. Gr. ?,
sweet. Cf. {Glycerin}.] (Chem.)
A rare metallic element, of a silver white color, and low
specific gravity (2.1), resembling magnesium. It never occurs
naturally in the free state, but is always combined, usually
with silica or alumina, or both; as in the minerals
phenacite, chrysoberyl, beryl or emerald, euclase, and
danalite. It was named from its oxide glucina, which was
known long before the element was isolated. Symbol Gl. Atomic
weight 9.1. Called also {beryllium}. [Formerly written also
[1913 Webster]

Beryllium \Be*ryl"li*um\, n. [NL.] (Chem.)
A metallic element found in the beryl. See {Glucinum}.
[1913 Webster]

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