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  • Native - definition of native by The Free Dictionary
    na·tive (nā′tĭv) adj 1 a Being such by birth or origin: a native Scot b Being a member of the original inhabitants of a particular place c Of, belonging to, or
  • Its - definition of its by The Free Dictionary
    its (ĭts) adj The possessive form of it Used as a modifier before a noun: The airline canceled its early flight to New York [Alteration of it's : it + -'s ] Usage Note: Its
  • Form IV Verbs - Arabic Language Lessons
    The following discussion of Form IV is based largely on the active voice For the passive conjugations, which you should be able to predict anyway once you
  • XQuery and XPath Full Text 1. 0 - World Wide Web Consortium
    1 Introduction This document defines the language and the formal semantics of XQuery and XPath Full Text 1 0 This language is designed to meet the requirements identified in W3C XQuery and XPath Full Text Requirements [XQuery and XPath Full Text 1 0 Requirements] and to support the queries in the W3C XQuery and XPath Full Text Use Cases

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