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ballad    : [b'æləd]
Ballad \Bal"lad\, v. t.
To make mention of in ballads. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Ballad \Bal"lad\, n. [OE. balade, OF. balade, F. ballade, fr.
Pr. ballada a dancing song, fr. ballare to dance; cf. It.
ballata. See 2d {Ball}, n., and {Ballet}.]
A popular kind of narrative poem, adapted for recitation or
singing; as, the ballad of Chevy Chase; esp., a sentimental
or romantic poem in short stanzas.
[1913 Webster]

Ballad \Bal"lad\, v. i.
To make or sing ballads. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

n 1: a narrative song with a recurrent refrain [synonym: {ballad},
2: a narrative poem of popular origin [synonym: {ballad}, {lay}]

121 Moby Thesaurus words for "ballad":
Brautlied, Christmas carol, English sonnet, Horatian ode,
Italian sonnet, Kunstlied, Liebeslied, Petrarchan sonnet,
Pindaric ode, Sapphic ode, Shakespearean sonnet, Volkslied, alba,
anacreontic, anthem, art song, aubade, balada, ballade, ballata,
barcarole, blues, blues song, boat song, bridal hymn, brindisi,
bucolic, calypso, canso, canticle, canzone, canzonet, canzonetta,
carol, cavatina, chanson, chant, chantey, clerihew, croon,
croon song, dirge, dithyramb, ditty, drinking song, eclogue, elegy,
epic, epigram, epithalamium, epode, epopee, epopoeia, epos,
folk song, georgic, ghazel, haiku, hit, hit tune, hymeneal, idyll,
jingle, lay, lied, light music, lilt, limerick, love song,
love-lilt, lyric, madrigal, matin, minstrel song, minstrelsy,
monody, narrative poem, national anthem, nursery rhyme, ode,
palinode, pastoral, pastoral elegy, pastorela, pastourelle, poem,
pop, pop music, popular music, popular song, prothalamium, rhyme,
rondeau, rondel, roundel, roundelay, satire, serena, serenade,
serenata, sestina, sloka, song, song hit, sonnet, sonnet sequence,
tanka, tenso, tenzone, theme song, threnody, torch song, triolet,
troubadour poem, verse, verselet, versicle, villanelle, virelay,
war song, wedding song

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