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accommodation    : [ək,ɑməd'eʃən]
Accommodation \Ac*com`mo*da"tion\, n. [L. accommodatio, fr.
accommodare: cf. F. accommodation.]
[1913 Webster]
1. The act of fitting or adapting, or the state of being
fitted or adapted; adaptation; adjustment; -- followed by
to. "The organization of the body with accommodation to
its functions." --Sir M. Hale.
[1913 Webster]

2. Willingness to accommodate; obligingness.
[1913 Webster]

3. Whatever supplies a want or affords ease, refreshment, or
convenience; anything furnished which is desired or
needful; -- often in the plural; as, the accommodations --
that is, lodgings and food -- at an inn. --Sir W.
[1913 Webster]

4. An adjustment of differences; state of agreement;
reconciliation; settlement. "To come to terms of
accommodation." --Macaulay.
[1913 Webster]

5. The application of a writer's language, on the ground of
analogy, to something not originally referred to or
[1913 Webster]

Many of those quotations from the Old Testament were
probably intended as nothing more than
accommodations. --Paley.
[1913 Webster]

6. (Com.)
(a) A loan of money.
(b) An accommodation bill or note.
[1913 Webster]

{Accommodation bill}, or {note} (Com.), a bill of exchange
which a person accepts, or a note which a person makes and
delivers to another, not upon a consideration received,
but for the purpose of raising money on credit.

{Accommodation coach}, or {train}, one running at moderate
speed and stopping at all or nearly all stations.

{Accommodation ladder} (Naut.), a light ladder hung over the
side of a ship at the gangway, useful in ascending from,
or descending to, small boats.
[1913 Webster]

n 1: making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
[synonym: {adjustment}, {accommodation}, {fitting}]
2: a settlement of differences; "they reached an accommodation
with Japan"
3: in the theories of Jean Piaget: the modification of internal
representations in order to accommodate a changing knowledge
of reality
4: living quarters provided for public convenience; "overnight
accommodations are available"
5: the act of providing something (lodging or seat or food) to
meet a need
6: (physiology) the automatic adjustment in focal length of the
natural lens of the eye

235 Moby Thesaurus words for "accommodation":
Wall Street loan, abatement of differences, about-face,
acclimation, acclimatization, accommodations, accord, accordance,
accustoming, acquiescence, adaptation, adaption, adjustment,
advance, advantage, agreement, alignment, alteration, amelioration,
amenity, apostasy, appliance, appurtenance, arrangement,
assimilation, attunement, award, awarding, bargain, bearings, bed,
bed and board, bestowal, bestowment, betterment, board,
board and room, break, breaking, breaking-in, burden, call loan,
call money, capacity, case hardening, change, change of heart,
changeableness, closing, coaptation, collateral loan,
communication, compliance, composition, composition of differences,
compromise, concession, conclusion, conditioning, conferment,
conferral, conformance, conformation, conformation other-direction,
conformity, congruity, consistency, constructive change, content,
continuity, contribution, convenience, conventionality, conversion,
coordination, cop-out, cordage, correspondence, deal, defection,
degeneration, degenerative change, deliverance, delivery,
demand loan, desertion of principle, deterioration, deviation,
difference, digs, discontinuity, disorientation, divergence,
diversification, diversion, diversity, domestication, donation,
endowment, equalization, equalizing, equating, equation,
equilibration, evasion of responsibility, evening, evening up,
external loan, facilities, facility, familiarization, favor,
financial assistance, fitting, flexibility, flip-flop,
foreign loan, furnishment, gifting, give-and-take, giving,
giving way, gradual change, grant, grant-in-aid, granting,
habituation, hardening, harmonization, harmony, housebreaking,
housing, impartation, impartment, improvement, integration,
inurement, investiture, keep, keeping, lend, liberality, limit,
line, loan, lodgings, long-term loan, malleability, measure,
melioration, mitigation, modification, modulation,
mutual concession, naturalization, obedience, observance, offer,
orientation, orthodoxy, overthrow, pliancy, policy loan, poundage,
premises, presentation, presentment, provision, qualification,
quantity, quarters, radical change, re-creation, realignment,
reconcilement, reconciliation, redesign, reform, reformation,
regulation, remaking, renewal, reshaping, resolution,
restructuring, reversal, revival, revivification, revolution, room,
rooms, sealing, seasoning, secured loan, settlement, shelter,
shift, short-term loan, signature, signing, solemnization, space,
squaring, stowage, strictness, subscription, subsistence,
sudden change, supplying, surrender, switch, synchronization,
taming, terms, time loan, timing, tonnage, total change,
traditionalism, training, transition, treaty, turn, turnabout,
understanding, uniformity, unsecured loan, upheaval, variation,
variety, violent change, volume, vouchsafement, worsening,

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