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  • sense Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    sense meaning, definition, what is sense: an ability to understand, recognize, value, or react to something, especially any of the… Learn more
  • Mate - definition of mate by The Free Dictionary
    Define mate mate synonyms, mate pronunciation, mate translation, English dictionary definition of mate n 1 One of a matched pair: the mate to this glove 2 A spouse or romantic partner
  • Whilst - definition of whilst by The Free Dictionary
    whilst (wīlst, hwīlst) conj Chiefly British While [Middle English whilest, alteration of whiles, whiles; see whiles ] whilst (waɪlst) conj chiefly Brit another word for
  • Requite | Definition of Requite by Merriam-Webster
    requite was our Word of the Day on 05 14 2013 Hear the podcast!
  • Ghost - Wikipedia
    The English word ghost continues Old English gást, from a hypothetical Common Germanic *gaistaz It is common to West Germanic, but lacking in North Germanic and East Germanic (the equivalent word in Gothic is ahma, Old Norse has andi m , önd f )
  • Should English be the only official language of the EU . . .
    Christos wasn’t alone in his suggestion We also had a comment sent in from Pedro, who argued that we should be “honest” and admit that “the English language will dominate the world in the years to come, if it doesn’t already ”
  • The Word Library | Module add-ons: Bibles
    NET Bible® - New English Translation (NET): 28 3 MB 28-Mar-2018 This is a paid module and requires an unlock key to be used Author(s): Biblical Studies Press (BSP), L L C
  • Dictionary. coms List of Every Word of the Year . . .
    A list of every Word of the Year selection released by Dictionary com Dictionary com's first Word of the Year was chosen in 2010
  • Knowing the Scriptures: How to Read and Understand the Bible
    Hermeneutics is the science of Bible interpretation Many read the Bible, but few grasp its meaning False teachers use it to preach all sorts of heresies Here are the tools for you to master the Bible and be saved from those trying to deceive you
  • PDF - Wikipedia
    The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format developed in the 1990s to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems

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