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likewise    : [l'ɑɪkw,ɑɪz]
Likewise \Like"wise`\ (l[imac]k"w[imac]z`), adv. & conj. [See
{Wise}, n.]
In like manner; also; moreover; too. See {Also}.
[1913 Webster]

Go, and do thou likewise. --Luke x. 37.
[1913 Webster]

For he seeth that wise men die; likewise the fool and
the brutish person perish. --Ps. xlix.
[1913 Webster]

adv 1: in like or similar manner; "He was similarly affected";
"some people have little power to do good, and have
likewise little strength to resist evil"- Samuel Johnson
[synonym: {similarly}, {likewise}]
2: in addition; "he has a Mercedes, too" [synonym: {besides}, {too},
{also}, {likewise}, {as well}]
3: equally; "parents and teachers alike demanded reforms" [synonym:
{alike}, {likewise}]

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