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june    : [dʒ'un]
June \June\, n. [L. Junius: cf. F. Juin. So called either from
Junius, the name of a Roman gens, or from Juno, the goddess.]
The sixth month of the year, containing thirty days.
[1913 Webster]

And what is so rare as a day in June?
Then, if ever, come perfect days. --Lowell.
[1913 Webster]

{June beetle}, {June bug} (Zool.), any one of several species
of large brown beetles of the genus {Lachnosterna} and
related genera; -- so called because they begin to fly, in
the northern United States, about the first of June. The
larv[ae] of the June beetles live under ground, and feed
upon the roots of grasses and other plants. Called also
{May bug} or {May beetle}.

{June grass} (Bot.), a New England name for Kentucky blue
grass. See {Blue glass}, and Illustration in Appendix.
[1913 Webster]

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