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j    : [dʒ'e]
J \J\ (j[=a]).
J is the tenth letter of the English alphabet. It is a later
variant form of the Roman letter I, used to express a
consonantal sound, that is, originally, the sound of English
y in yet. The forms J and I have, until a recent time, been
classed together, and they have been used interchangeably.
[1913 Webster]

Note: In medical prescriptions j is still used in place of i
at the end of a number, as a Roman numeral; as, vj,
xij. J is etymologically most closely related to i, y,
g; as in jot, iota; jest, gesture; join, jugular, yoke.
See {I}. J is a compound vocal consonant, nearly
equivalent in sound to dzh. It is exactly the same as g
in gem. See Guide to Pronunciation, [sect][sect] 179,
211, 239.
[1913 Webster]

n 1: a unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a
current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one
ohm for one second [synonym: {joule}, {J}, {watt second}]
2: the 10th letter of the Roman alphabet [synonym: {J}, {j}]

A derivative and redesign of {APL} with added features and
control structures. J is {purely functional} with {lexical
scope} and more conventional control structures, plus several
new concepts such as {function rank} and {function arrays}. J
was designed and developed by Kennneth E. Iverson and Roger
Hui . J uses only the {ASCII}
character set but has a spelling scheme that retains the
advantages of {APL}'s special alphabet. J is a conventional
procedural programming language but can be used as a {purely
functional} language.

Version 4.1 for {MS-DOS}, Sun, Mac, Archimedes. Source
available in C from {Iverson Software}, 1 (416) 925 6096.

Version 6 package from ISI includes an interpreter and
tutorial. Ported to {DEC}, {NeXT}, {SGI}, {Sun-3}, {Sun-4},
{Vax}, {RS/6000}, {MIPS}, {Macintosh}, {Acorn Archimedes},
{IBM PC}, {Atari}, {3b1}, {Amiga}.


J-mode {GNU Emacs} macros available by

["APL\?", Roger K.W. Hui et al, APL90 Conf Proc, Quote Quad



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