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gram    : [gr'æm]
-gram \-gram\ (-gr[a^]m). [Gr. gra`mma a thing drawn or written,
a letter, fr. gra`fein to draw, write. See {Graphic.}]
A suffix indicating something drawn or written, a drawing,
writing; -- as, monogram, telegram, chronogram.
[1913 Webster]

Gram \Gram\ (gr[a^]m), a. [AS. gram; akin to E. grim. [root]35.]
Angry. [Obs.] --Havelok, the Dane.
[1913 Webster]

Gram \Gram\, n. [Pg. gr[~a]o grain. See {Grain.}] (Bot.)
The East Indian name of the chick-pea ({Cicer arietinum}) and
its seeds; also, other similar seeds there used for food.

Gram \Gram\, Gramme \Gramme\ (gr[a^]m), n. [F. gramme, from Gr.
gra`mma that which is written, a letter, a small weight, fr.
gra`fein to write. See {Graphic.}]
The unit of mass or weight in the metric system. It was
intended to be exactly, and is very nearly, equivalent to the
weight in a vacuum of one cubic centimeter of pure water at
its maximum density. It is equal to 15.432 grains. See
{Grain}, n., 4.
[1913 Webster]

{Gram degree}, or {Gramme degree} (Physics), a unit of heat,
being the amount of heat necessary to raise the
temperature of one gram of pure water one degree

{Gram equivalent} (Electrolysis), that quantity of the metal
which will replace one gram of hydrogen.
[1913 Webster]

Mung \Mung\ (m[u^]ng), n. [Hind. m[=u]ng.] (Bot.)
Green gram, a kind of legume (pulse) ({Vigna radiata} syn.
{Phaseolus aureus}, syn. {Phaseolus Mungo}), grown for food
in British India; called also {gram}, {mung bean}, {Chinese
mung bean}, and {green-seeded mung bean}. It is an erect,
bushy annual producing edible green or yellow seeds, and
edible pods and young sprouts. --Balfour (Cyc. of India).
[1913 Webster]

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