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German    : [dʒ'ɚmən]
German \Ger"man\, a. [L. Germanus. See {German}, n.]
Of or pertaining to Germany.
[1913 Webster]

{German Baptists}. See {Dunker}.

{German bit}, a wood-boring tool, having a long elliptical
pod and a scew point.

{German carp} (Zool.), the crucian carp.

{German millet} (Bot.), a kind of millet ({Setaria Italica},
var.), whose seed is sometimes used for food.

{German paste}, a prepared food for caged birds.

{German process} (Metal.), the process of reducing copper ore
in a blast furnace, after roasting, if necessary.

{German sarsaparilla}, a substitute for sarsaparilla extract.

{German sausage}, a polony, or gut stuffed with meat partly

{German silver} (Chem.), a silver-white alloy, hard and
tough, but malleable and ductile, and quite permanent in
the air. It contains nickel, copper, and zinc in varying
proportions, and was originally made from old copper slag
at Henneberg. A small amount of iron is sometimes added to
make it whiter and harder. It is essentially identical
with the Chinese alloy {packfong}. It was formerly much
used for tableware, knife handles, frames, cases, bearings
of machinery, etc., but is now largely superseded by other
white alloys.

{German steel} (Metal.), a metal made from bog iron ore in a
forge, with charcoal for fuel.

{German text} (Typog.), a character resembling modern German
type, used in English printing for ornamental headings,
etc., as in the words,
[1913 Webster]

Note: This line is German Text.

{German tinder}. See {Amadou}.
[1913 Webster]

German \Ger"man\, a. [OE. german, germain, F. germain, fr. L.
germanus full, own (said of brothers and sisters who have the
same parents); akin to germen germ. Cf. {Germ}, {Germane}.]
Nearly related; closely akin.
[1913 Webster]

Wert thou a leopard, thou wert german to the lion.
[1913 Webster]

{Brother german}. See {Brother german}.

{Cousins german}. See the Note under {Cousin}.
[1913 Webster]

German \Ger"man\, n.; pl. {Germans}[L. Germanus, prob. of Celtis
1. A native or one of the people of Germany.
[1913 Webster]

2. The German language.
[1913 Webster]

(a) A round dance, often with a waltz movement, abounding
in capriciosly involved figures.
(b) A social party at which the german is danced.
[1913 Webster]

{High German}, the Teutonic dialect of Upper or Southern
Germany, -- comprising Old High German, used from the 8th
to the 11th century; Middle H. G., from the 12th to the
15th century; and Modern or New H. G., the language of
Luther's Bible version and of modern German literature.
The dialects of Central Germany, the basis of the modern
literary language, are often called Middle German, and the
Southern German dialects Upper German; but High German is
also used to cover both groups.

{Low German}, the language of Northern Germany and the
Netherlands, -- including {Friesic}; {Anglo-Saxon} or
{Saxon}; {Old Saxon}; {Dutch} or {Low Dutch}, with its
dialect, {Flemish}; and {Plattdeutsch} (called also {Low
German}), spoken in many dialects.
[1913 Webster]

adj 1: of or pertaining to or characteristic of Germany or its
people or language; "German philosophers"; "German
universities"; "German literature"
n 1: a person of German nationality
2: the standard German language; developed historically from
West Germanic [synonym: {German}, {High German}, {German

\j*r'mn\ A human language written (in latin
alphabet) and spoken in Germany, Austria and parts of

German writing normally uses four non-{ASCII} characters:
"äöüß", the first three have "umlauts" (two dots over the
top): A O and U and the last is a double-S ("scharfes S")
which looks like the Greek letter beta (except in capitalised
words where it should be written "SS"). These can be written
in ASCII in several ways, the most common are ae, oe ue AE OE
UE ss or sz and the {TeX} versions "a "o "u "A "O "U "s.

See also {ABEND}, {blinkenlights}, {DAU}, {DIN}, {gedanken},
{GMD}, {kluge}.

{Usenet} newsgroup: {news:soc.culture.german}.


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