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French    : [fr'ɛntʃ]
French \French\ (fr[e^]nch), prop. a. [AS. frencisc, LL.
franciscus, from L. Francus a Frank: cf. OF. franceis,
franchois, fran[,c]ois, F. fran[,c]ais. See {Frank}, a., and
cf. {Frankish}.]
Of or pertaining to France or its inhabitants.
[1913 Webster]

{French bean} (Bot.), the common kidney bean ({Phaseolus

{French berry} (Bot.), the berry of a species of buckthorn
({Rhamnus catharticus}), which affords a saffron, green or
purple pigment.

{French casement} (Arch.) See {French window}, under

{French chalk} (Min.), a variety of granular talc; -- used
for drawing lines on cloth, etc. See under {Chalk}.

{French cowslip} (Bot.) The {Primula Auricula}. See

{French fake} (Naut.), a mode of coiling a rope by running it
backward and forward in parallel bends, so that it may run

{French honeysuckle} (Bot.) a plant of the genus {Hedysarum}
({H. coronarium}); -- called also {garland honeysuckle}.

{French horn}, a metallic wind instrument, consisting of a
long tube twisted into circular folds and gradually
expanding from the mouthpiece to the end at which the
sound issues; -- called in France {cor de chasse}.

{French leave}, an informal, hasty, or secret departure;
esp., the leaving a place without paying one's debts.

{French pie} [French (here used in sense of "foreign") pie
a magpie (in allusion to its black and white color)]
(Zool.), the European great spotted woodpecker ({Dryobstes
major}); -- called also {wood pie}.

{French polish}.
(a) A preparation for the surface of woodwork, consisting of
gums dissolved in alcohol, either shellac alone, or
shellac with other gums added.
(b) The glossy surface produced by the application of the

{French purple}, a dyestuff obtained from lichens and used
for coloring woolen and silken fabrics, without the aid of
mordants. --Ure.

{French red} rouge.

{French rice}, amelcorn.

{French roof} (Arch.), a modified form of mansard roof having
a nearly flat deck for the upper slope.

{French tub}, a dyer's mixture of protochloride of tin and
logwood; -- called also {plum tub}. --Ure.

{French window}. See under {Window}.
[1913 Webster]

French \French\, prop. n.
1. The language spoken in France.
[1913 Webster]

2. Collectively, the people of France.
[1913 Webster] french fries

Sole \Sole\, n. [F. sole, L. solea; -- so named from its flat
shape. See {Sole} of the foot.] (Zool.)
(a) Any one of several species of flatfishes of the genus
{Solea} and allied genera of the family {Soleidae},
especially the common European species ({Solea
vulgaris}), which is a valuable food fish.
(b) Any one of several American flounders somewhat resembling
the true sole in form or quality, as the California sole
({Lepidopsetta bilineata}), the long-finned sole
({Glyptocephalus zachirus}), and other species.
[1913 Webster]

{Lemon}, or {French}, {sole} (Zool.), a European species of
sole ({Solea pegusa}).

{Smooth sole} (Zool.), the megrim.
[1913 Webster]

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