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Charles    : [tʃ'ɑrlz] [tʃ'ɑrəlz]
n 1: King of France from 1560 to 1574 whose reign was dominated
by his mother Catherine de Medicis (1550-1574) [synonym:
{Charles}, {Charles IX}]
2: King of France who began his reign with most of northern
France under English control; after the intervention of
Jeanne d'Arc the French were able to defeat the English and
end the Hundred Years' War (1403-1461) [synonym: {Charles},
{Charles VII}]
3: as Charles II he was Holy Roman Emperor and as Charles I he
was king of France (823-877) [synonym: {Charles}, {Charles II},
{Charles I}, {Charles the Bald}]
4: King of England and Scotland and Ireland during the
Restoration (1630-1685) [synonym: {Charles}, {Charles II}]
5: son of James I who was King of England and Scotland and
Ireland; was deposed and executed by Oliver Cromwell
(1600-1649) [synonym: {Charles}, {Charles I}, {Charles Stuart}]
6: the eldest son of Elizabeth II and heir to the English throne
(born in 1948) [synonym: {Charles}, {Prince Charles}]
7: French physicist and author of Charles's law which
anticipated Gay-Lussac's law (1746-1823) [synonym: {Charles},
{Jacques Charles}, {Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles}]
8: king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor; conqueror of the
Lombards and Saxons (742-814) [synonym: {Charlemagne}, {Carolus},
{Charles}, {Charles I}, {Charles the Great}]
9: a river in eastern Massachusetts that empties into Boston
Harbor and that separates Cambridge from Boston [synonym:
{Charles}, {Charles River}]

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