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Bot \Bot\, n. (Zool.)
See {Bots}.
[1913 Webster] Botanic

n 1: botfly larva; typically develops inside the body of a horse
or sheep or human

(From "{robot}") Any type
of autonomous {software} that operates as an {agent} for a
user or a {program} or simulates a human activity. On the
{Internet}, the most popular bots are programs (called
{spiders} or crawlers) used for searching. They access {web
sites}, retrieve documents and follow all the {hypertext
links} in them; then they generate catalogs that are accessed
by {search engines}.

A {chatbot} converses with humans (or other bots). A
{shopbot} searches the Web to find the best price for a
product. Other bots (such as {OpenSesame}) observe a user's
patterns in navigating a website and customises the site for
that user.

{Knowbots} collect specific information from {websites}.


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